AgTech Harvest Newsletter: 2 March 2021

In this edition of the AgTechHarvest newsletter...

  • Read our latest interview in a series of agtech perspectives - we talk to Tim Neale from DataFarming who provided his valuable insights about how to deliver on agtech adoption for producers.

  • Agtech in the news: What it will take to revolutionise Australian agricultureWhy agtech is the hot new investment, and Making soil carbon a commodity.

  • Don't miss out on the Food Agility Summit 2021: Mission Food for Life: Building trust and resilience in our food supply chains. Online over two afternoons 15-16 March, you can buy your tickets here.

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Food Agility Summit: 15-16 March 2021

The Food Agility Summit 2021: Mission Food For Life is just two weeks away! Taking place online across two afternoons on 15-16 March, this event brings together an incredible lineup of agrifood experts to explore the biggest opportunities and challenges facing our food system.
This year's summit features speakers from Meat & Livestock Australia, Kellogg's, Fairtrade ANZ, the The Yield, Lumachain, Data Farming, Main Sequence Ventures, The University of Technology Sydney, Tenacious Ventures, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Artesian Invest and more!

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Tim Neale from DataFarming:

Tim Neale’s experience with agtech is two decades in the making. Through his company DataFarming he is working with over 20,000 farms to implement precision agriculture solutions. Tim is passionate about agtech adoption by keeping agtech simple, effective, and easy to use.

This is the latest interview from our AgTech Finder perspectives series, and we’re delighted to have Tim provide his insights for farmers, agronomists and agtech providers about how best to deliver adoption of agtech.

Read the full interview with Tim.

What it will take to revolutionise Australian agriculture

Unleashing the transformative power of agtech could help farmers meet the $100 billion target government has set the industry – but they’ll need a lot of support.

Agribusinesses with an eye to the future will need to explore high-tech assets and solutions that can help them optimise their operations and capture emerging opportunities, says Julie Rynski, NAB Executive, Regional and Agribusiness.

“Investing in agtech will not only offer them long-term gains, it will set up the younger generation for success,” Rynski says.

Read more at NAB Business and Insights.

Why agtech is the hot new investment

Australia is a leader in global agriculture but has not been as quick to invent, adopt or export new agricultural technologies and automation down on the farm. But the situation is changing fast.

From a sector valued at attracting just $30m of capital in 2017, the AgriFutures R&D group estimated last year there was now a deal flow of $90m into new Australian agtech ventures and technology. The sector has also been earmarked by the federal government as having significant growth prospects and export potential.

Read more at The Australian...

Making soil carbon a commodity:
how technology can redesign carbon markets based on rewards and outcomes

The world is starting to wake up to agriculture’s role in turning carbon into a commodity. There’s talk about creating a carbon bank in the US, and Australia is turning to technology to address its relatively large carbon footprint.

But exactly how we create soil carbon commodity markets that function efficiently to draw down carbon and achieve environmental impact is still being determined. One thing is clear, though: technology will play a critical role in creating both more opportunities to incentivize and reward farm-level practice change, as well as more avenues for startups to provide compelling solutions to help scale markets.

Read more from Andrew Pryor at AgThentic...

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