AgTech News Dashboard: 13 October 2020

Our feature story explores how agtech is delivering a ‘data harvest’. In other news, grants available for boosting farm digital in Queensland, opinion on the Australian Federal budget for agtech, and will smart tags for cattle put money in your pocket, plus more…


Technology delivers a data harvest

Spring means harvest time is approaching for many of Australia’s grain cropping regions, and after a number of very dry and disappointing years, growers finally have something to look forward to. While 2020 has served up some difficult challenges in many respects, it also saw a return to better cropping conditions in many parts of the country, with good rains falling at the right time.

Grain is not the only commodity being harvested when a farmer steps into his or her harvester; there is data being gathered too. This data provides feedback on past agronomic management and informs future decisions. From yield monitoring technology to remote sensing, technology and data is providing precision in agriculture.

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Image by Carnaby on Unsplash

Grants open for digital transformation of Queensland agribusinesses

There is $1.2 million available for industry organisations in round one of the Queensland Government’s Agribusiness Digital Solutions Grant Program. Applications are open from 29 September to 1 November 2020.

The grants are focused on technologies and digital systems within the supply chain that will increase agribusiness resilience and responsiveness to future disruptions.

As an example, a project might include real-time farm monitoring, including digital dashboards for food safety and biosecurity management, or digital automation of systems.

Read more: Grants open for digital transformation of Queensland agribusinesses, Queensland Government, 1 October 2020.

Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

Australia must do more to support agtech innovation

A genuine commitment to delivering the full potential of primary production in the 21st century rests on the government taking active tangible steps to encourage investment in the creation and adoption of vital technology and innovation. As it stands, despite agriculture contributing around A$62.2 billion to the national economy, it is the least digitalised industry in Australia. So what did the Australian Federal budget offer agtech?

Read more: To meet its billion-dollar agricultural output goal Australia must do more to support agtech innovation, AgFunder News, 7 October 2020

Image: Bluebell Smart GPS Tracker by Smart Paddock

Smart tags: Here's how much they will put in your pocket

The novelty of attaching a fitbit-like device to a mob of cattle and watching them go through their days from afar is now on the brink of wide scale commercialisation.

The technology has potential to provide insights producers could not possibly get with their current access to labour and time and can take the guesswork out of what is happening to an animal in a paddock.

Read more: Smart tags: Here's how much they will put in your pocket, Queensland Country Life, 2 October 2020

Image by Sarah Clarry from Pixabay

Technology 'critical' for the future of Australia's agriculture industry

Technology will significantly help in boosting Australia's agricultural industry, according to a new report released by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA).

The Future of Agricultural Technologies report considers how Australia’s primary producers are embracing innovation and adopting technology to improve productivity and adapt to harsh conditions.

The report explores technologies such as sensors, the Internet of Things, robotics, machine learning, large scale optimisation and data fusion, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and distributed ledger technology.

Read more: Technology 'critical' for the future of Australia's agriculture industry, Australia IT Brief, 29 September 2020

Image: Farmbot water monitor / Farmbot

Drought innovation initiatives are just tip of iceberg

Australian Agritech Association founding director and Farmbot managing director Andrew Coppin, said the development of a digital strategy for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries was “an important step forward” for the Australian agtech industry.

He said while the announcement’s focus on drought-research innovation provided a “focal point”, it was “just the tip of the iceberg” to creating better collaboration between agtech businesses and their target audience — farmers.

Read more: Drought initiatives are ‘just tip of iceberg’, says Coppin, Countryman, 1 October 2020

New Solutions in the AgTech Finder Directory

IoT sensor based farm asset monitoring by PLF Australia

Sensors and actuators providing accurate, timely measurements of water flow, water level, soil moisture and temperature, and weather all onto a single integrated online platform.

Freshchain by Freshchain Systems

Integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that provides traceability throughout the supply chain.

Automated Palletising Solutions by P&C Automation

P&C Automation offers automated layer and robotic palletising for cartons and trays.

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