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AgTech Weekly News Dashboard: 14th May 2020

Welcome to AgTech Harvest, the weekly news dashboard powered by AgTech Finder.

In this edition we round up the best agtech news of the week including news about the Carwoola Pastoral Company test of agtech devices happening in NSW. We also take look at rural connectivity upgrades and news about AgQuip this year. Plus, check out the new webinar events calendar. There are plenty of newly posted webinars this May and June!

AgTech Test Reaches Halfway Mark

Carwoola Pastoral Company is a family owned holding comprised of four properties near Bugendore, NSW. You may have read an article or two about the work that has been going on at this property - including the case study from June last year where we wrote about a project where twenty agtech companies put their hands-up to join an experiment that would see their tech deployed across the property. Good news is that the agtech project is only just passing the halfway mark and the technology being used on the property is already providing a return on investment and guiding management decisions...

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This article first appeared on AgTechFinder.com on May 12 2020


Huge Response to Ag-Webinar Calendar

We thought we had listed most of the webinars coming up during May and June - but there has been an overwhelming response from our community and 35 new webinars have been added to our already comprehensive list. Keep them coming! Newly added events include events on commercial fertiliser systems, grain storage and transportation, and how best to invest in water for returns and impact. Plus there are plenty of Q&A sessions with industry experts, vendors, and other farmers who have used agtech to solve problems just like yours. View the list and join a webinar next week...


This list of events has been compiled from websites and news articles of our partners and the Australian agtech community. 

How has COVID-19 impacted the agricultural industries of other countries?

The Land has asked several agricultural specialists from across the globe to provide an update on the effects of COVID-19 and how it has impacted on their local food and farming systems. Read this article to learn more about how ag in the U.S.A, Canada, Ireland and Netherlands is holding up during the pandemic...

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First published as 'How COVID-19 has impacted our farming peers overseas?' The Land, May 6, 2020

Is AgQuip going ahead this year? 

News just in! Australia's biggest agricultural field day event plans to be bigger than ever this year, with AgQuip set to hold two new expo events alongside the main show and an event within an event - a new AgriTech Expo. AgTech Finder will bring you more news as it breaks...

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First published as 'AgQuip organisers plan new camping, 4WD drive expos during delayed agriculture events', The Land, 4 May 2020

What are the new technologies being used to to measure eating quality in beef and lamb?

The AgTechFinder community have the opportunity to learn more about new technologies for the evaluation of meat eating-quality in a new webinar series being launched next week thanks to ICJM, UNE and Teys Australia. For a quick agenda visit the AgTechFinder Webinar Calendar. For a full run down on the Advanced Livestock Measurement Technologies program read this article...

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First published as 'New technologies to evaluate meat quality under scrutiny in ICMJ webinar', BeefCentral, May 7 2020

How is the COVIDSafe app helping solve rural connectivity issues for Telstra users?

Farmers and some people living in regional, remote and rural areas of the country should be able to receive text messages over wi-fi soon! Telstra and the Federal Government have announced they are fast-tracked a solution because people without mobile phone reception could not activate the COVIDSafe app without leaving their homes...

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Published as 'COVIDSafe activation failures force a Telstra service upgrade helping remote, regional, rural Australia'. ABC Rural News, May 7 2020

How is Optus fast-tracking the next stage of their national mobile network upgrade?

Regional telecommunications carrier Field Solutions will join forces with Optus to deliver broadband and mobile infrastructure and services to Australia’s rural and remote customers. Field Solutions has already been building an extensive network in rural parts of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, locating telecommunications towers in areas where there was previously little or no acceptable services. Shared infrastructure with Optus will see coverage increase for both networks...

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Published as 'Field Solutions to team with Optus on next stage of national mobile network upgrade program'. Smallcaps.com.au, May 7 2020

What's a good podcast about Australian meat through the eyes of the people who grow it, cut it, and cook it?

'Meat: the Ultimate Podcast' is worth checking out. Produced by Vic’s Meat and with incredible special guests (Bryan Mayer, Tom Bull, Maxx Puharich), the podcast explore topics like health, history, science, innovation, environment and sustainability. Access the podcasts here...

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50+ episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play,
and Youtube, published by Vic's Meat. 

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