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AgTech Weekly News Dashboard: 22nd May 2020

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In this Friday 22nd May edition we take a look at agtech that can test mango maturity, and reveal news of a partnership that will bring better connectivity to rural and remote customers. Plus, our featured blogs provide some timely tips for storing grain, and tips on how to agtech with a specific problem or goal as your focus.

Also, don't forget to check out the new webinar events calendar as there are plenty of newly posted webinars for May and June. 

Timely Tips for Storing Grain

Many farmers will be doing something they haven’t for years thanks to all the recent rain across some regions, and that’s storing grain and stock feed. When doing so it is important to correctly manage the ongoing storage and there are a few products on AgTech Finder that can help. Read this article to discover more about how aeration management technology can help you correctly monitor and control temperature and moisture to ensure the quality of your grain is tip-top when it's time to use it, or sell it...

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This article first appeared on AgTechFinder.com on May 8, 2020

Approaching AgTech with a Problem or Goal

Choosing the best-fit agtech is a process that should start by identifying the problems that need solving, or setting a specific goal that you’re trying to achieve within a set period of time. To get you thinking about some of your on-farm problems or goals, take a read of this short article that tackles how to approach agtech to deliver outcomes that lead to happiness and cost savings...

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This article first appeared on AgTechFinder.com on May 22, 2020

Ag-Webinar Calendar

New webinars have been added to our already comprehensive list. Add your own by clicking the link below. Newly added events include webinars on grain, livestock, vines and more. Plus there are plenty of Q&A sessions with industry experts, vendors, and other farmers who have used agtech to solve problems just like yours. 


This list of events has been compiled from websites and news articles of our partners and the Australian agtech community. 

What type of soils test can detect crown rot in cereals?

Excessive early crop growth can deplete stored soil water, increasing the risk of water stress during grain fill particularly in seasons where water is more limiting. A new DNA-based soil test can now detect levels of a range of cereal pathogens, including the main Fusarium species that causes crown rot...

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First published as 'New tool deals with crown rot in cereals' Farm Weekly, 21 Mat 2020

How is new technology helping test mango maturity without waste?

Existing technology once limited how you could test mango maturity. Fruit was usually tested at random by cutting by mango by hand, which ends up in waste, or by using a NIR (near infrared spectrometer) gun to measure maturity on a single piece of fruit. New technology will allow Marto’s Mangoes to ensure every mango is perfect without sacrificing any fruit...

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First published as 'Bowen mango farm setting industry standard, supporting regional horticulture jobs', Mirage News, 20 May 2020

How does better water use efficiency protect the future of Australian rice production?

“It’s about gaining a greater return for the water used, whether that’s in terms of yield, quality, consumer demand, or company reputation,” says NSW rice grower and Nuffield Scholar, Mark Groat. Read this article and access the insightful report that explores the role of genetic enhancement of rice, the successes of both short-season rice varieties and suitable systems for stubble management...


Report: 'The Future of Australian Rice Production; A Focus on Water Use Efficiency in the Australian Temperate Rice System' Nuffield Australia, May 2020

How is Optus fast-tracking the next stage of their national mobile network upgrade?

Regional telecommunications carrier Field Solutions will join forces with Optus to deliver broadband and mobile infrastructure and services to Australia’s rural and remote customers. Field Solutions has already been building an extensive network in rural parts of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, locating telecommunications towers in areas where there was previously little or no service...

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Published as 'Field Solutions to team with Optus on next stage of national mobile network upgrade program'. Smallcaps.com.au, May 7 2020

Who is continuing to back Australian agtech with another $11M investment?

Sensing+ is a solution that combines sensors and analytics to provide information and predictions in apps to help large commercial growers make on-farm decisions about irrigation, feed, crops, pests, harvest timings and more. This Australian tech company has received another big investment to keep doing what they do...

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First published as 'Ros Harvey’s AgTech business secures $11 million from The Bosch Group' on https://womensagenda.com.au/, 18 May 2020

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