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AgTech Weekly News Dashboard: 23rd April 2020

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In this edition we get to the pointy end of privacy when it comes to your farm data and hear from an industry expert about the benefits for all if data is managed in a way that protects the people who generate the data (usually farmers). We also explore how wineries are using cellar door pre-orders and webinars for tastings, where cattle farmers can chew the fat with experts, and have a story about the latest tech improvements in the egg industry

Why do we need a Farm Data Code?

In February, the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) released Australia’s first Farm Data Code following the earlier releases of similar codes from New Zealand, the USA and the EU. Why do we need a Farm Data Code? Read this article written by Food Agility CRC, Chief of Ventures, Camilla Roberts to find out more about what the Australian Farm Data Code means for farmers.

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First published as 'Why do we need a Farm Data Code?' FoodAgility,com, April 20, 2020

National Farmers’ Federation Farm Data Code

Following on from the article above, the Australian Farm Data Code is an easy to understand guide that producers can refer to and share with anyone else who has access to their data. Download a copy of the code from this article on AgTechFinder.com and refer to when creating your own policies for service providers who manage your own farm data, or data on behalf of your customers/farmers/producers...

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How are NSW wineries social distancing when wine tasting?

Wineries in NSW are now providing the cellar door tasting experience by offering virtual wine tastings. Consumers sign-up online and are posted a few bottles from the cellar door then attend a tasting webinar. Wine connoisseurs ask questions about the terroir of the wine as if they are sitting on the other side of the tasting bench. Read on...

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First published as 'NSW wineries offer virtual wine tastings amid COVID-19 restrictions', The Land, April 16, 2020

What is the cost of trade subsidies and are they hurting Aussie farmers?

Trade barriers and domestic subsidies have always been part of global farm policies, but since the 2000s, their impact on Australia’s global competitiveness has not been quantified. A recent study funded by AgriFutures Australia provides insight into the current cost of trade subsidies, providing evidence to rural industries and government to inform trade and policy discussions...

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First published as 'International farm subsidies are hurting Aussie farmers', FoodProcessing.com, Apr 21, 2020

How can I keep track of upcoming webinars and online events for the cattle industry?

Our friends at BeefCentral.com have compiled a rolling list of upcoming webinars and video conferencing events for the beef and cattle industry. When you view the list just remember that all times are listed in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), unless stated otherwise...

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First published as 'Webinars and online events for cattle industry stakeholders', BeefCentral.com, April 22, 2020

What tech measures paddock to plate performance for cattle?

Technology will play a larger role in measuring performance and animal grazing behaviour from paddock to plate during western Queensland’s 2020 Westech Steer Challenge. Read this article to find out how cattle have been fitted with GPS tags so grazing patterns can be monitored remotely to track liveweight gains on pasture, record feedlot performance and more...

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Published as 'Agtech plays a bigger role in measuring competition’s paddock to plate performance', BeefCentral.com, Apr 21, 2020

How have productivity improvements in the egg industry reduced environmental impact?

A range of improvements were highlighted in the latest Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Report including a new virtual reality training module for farm workers, a solar energy feasibility tool, and new waste management technology turning manure into high-grade organic fertiliser. Review the report released by the egg industry’s national research body, Australian Eggs, put together with CSIRO researchers who canvassed the views of thousands of Australians...

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First published as 'Australian Eggs Sustainability Framework Report 2020' Australian Eggs, April 2020

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