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AgTech Weekly News Dashboard: 29th May 2020

In this edition we round up the latest for evokeAG 2021, we reveal how recycled batteries are being turned into fertiliser, and how a collaborative food database has the power to feed thousands of people.

Plus, our feature articles reveal five emerging agtech companies joining the 2020 SproutX Accelerator Program, and some tips for keeping your on-farm data costs down during isolation and beyond.

SproutX 2020 Emerging AgTech Revealed

Five fast moving AgTech companies launched this week at an ’ virtual Mentor Mixer event. Joining the team for the 2020 SproutX Accelerator Program are Agtuary, Ambit Robotics, eBottli, FarmLab and Little Green Panda. Find out more about each of these fresh faces on the Australian agtech block by reading this article.

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This article first appeared on AgTechFinder.com on May 28, 2020

Connectivity Discounts to Keep your Data Down

With many Australians still being in isolation due to COVID-19, many internet users who rely on communications and data for the management of their property have been faced with the prospect of running businesses (and educating children and themselves) from home. Read these tips for help to avoid excess data bill-shock. 

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This article first appeared on AgTechFinder.com on May 28, 2020

How are old batteries bound for landfill being recycled to create fertiliser? 

Paddock trials where manganese and zinc fertilisers made with old batteries will soon start near Kojonup, in Western Australia's Great Southern district. That's right! Recycled alkaline batteries batteries like the ones used in TV remote controls and children's toys.

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First published as 'Old batteries turned into fertiliser supplements for farmers', ABC.net.au, 26 May 2020

How easy is it to set up a community database to feed 8,000 people?

Catherine St Germans is founder of of regenerative agriculture gathering in Cornwall in the U.K. This story of community empowerment details how she and a group of other busy people collaborated to create a database that is now helping to feed nearly 8,000 people nationwide.

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First published as 'Farms to Feed Us', Resilience.org, May 22, 2020


Microclimate or point data - which is more useful to commercial growers?

Is microclimate or point data more useful to commercial growers for guiding decisions on when to feed, irrigate, protect & harvest? Watch this short YouTube video to learn some tips from an AgTech Finder solution provider.

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'The Yield Point Weather Data vs Gridded Weather'. YouTube, The Yield, uploaded March 1 2020


IAG buys into agriculture climate data start-up

Insurance Australia Group has just invested multi-millions in a CSIRO-backed start-up. Read this to learn more about the technology that measures climate change risk by using satellite and aerial imaging, artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide granular information on individual farms.

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First published as 'IAG buys into agriculture climate data start-up' on AFR, 26 May 2020

Oh no! evokeAG Postponed

Plans to hold the agtech focused evokeAg 2021 event in Perth have been cancelled and organisers AgriFutures Australia in partnership with the Western Australian Government won’t be rescheduling the event until at least 2022, but there are still plans for something. 

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First published as 'AgriFutures postpone EvokeAg conference', AgTech Finder, 27 May 2020

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