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AgTech Weekly News Dashboard: 30th April 2020

Welcome to AgTech Harvest, the weekly news dashboard powered by AgTech Finder.

In this edition we're giving you access to the new Ag-Webinar Calendar that lists upcoming webinars and virtual training events for May and June.

We also:

  • reveal why many rural Australians don't have the right connectivity to access the new COVIDSafe mobile app,

  • we show you where to access the latest GRDC NVT data,

  • take a look at how humidifier tech can increase profits in red meat processing... and more!

Launch of New Ag-Webinar Calendar 

There are more free webinars than ever this coming May and June. To keep track of them all and to help you find webinars that are useful, AgTechFinder.com has created an Ag-Webinar Calendar that we are keeping updated with help from our partner network and AgTechFinder.com community. View the list and add an event to your own calendar today - nearly all of them are free! If you know of an event not on the list (or have your own event to add) please let us know...


This list of events has been compiled from websites and news articles of our partners and the Australian agtech community. 

Why are some rural Australians unable to download the COVIDSafe App?

Many rural Australians haven't been able to register for the app, and not just because they live in areas with patchy mobile service. An issue that rural Australians are facing is that Telstra and a few other network resellers don't support the necessary SMS over WiFi option you need to install the app. Read this article to learn more about why having SMS over WiFi is more important than ever...

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First published as 'Some Rural Australians Can't Access COVIDSafe App Due To A Missing Telstra Features', Gizmodo, April 29, 2020

Where can I get the latest GRDC NVT data for wheat, barley, canola, chickpea, faba bean, field pea, lentil, lupin, oat and sorghum?

Valuable data from the grains industry 'National Variety Trials' program has been made available to growers in a new, easy to access format. GRDC has released their NVT Harvest Reports which have a wealth of data on yield, quality and disease ratings across a range of crop varieties. 16 regional Harvest Reports are available here...


First published as 'Growers have access to data at their fingertips', FarmWeekly.com, Apr 25, 2020

How are farmers selling their produce through the use of direct-to-consumer food box subscriptions?

Many local farmer's markets were forced to shut down due to COVID-19, but Raw Food Hub founder Josh Allen saw a chance to pioneer a new method of connecting with consumers. Read this article to find out more about selling through direct-to-consumer food box subscriptions...

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First published as 'Raw Food Hub fills COVID-19 gap', Queensland Country Life, April 26 2020

How can Australian primary producers become more than just technology consumers?

AgriFutures Australia is partnering with Farmers2Founders to turn Australian primary producers into much more than just consumers of technology. As a result, new ventures and opportunities have emerged, businesses have diversified, new products have been developed and more...

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Published as 'Supporting Australian primary producers to be more than just technology consumers. AgriFutures.com.au, Apr 29, 2020

How do chiller humidifiers protect against carcass yield loss?

Weight loss through evaporation when reducing the temperature of a carcass results in significant loss in profit. Read this article to learn how recent developments in humidification technologies are enabling abattoirs to reduce evaporative losses...

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First published as 'Processing technology: Chiller humidifiers protect against carcass yield loss' Beef Central, April 28, 2020


A GNSS RTK solution provider of products to support high-precision positioning applications.

Bird Control Group

Solutions to prevent conflicts between birds and human activities in a sustainable, innovative and safe manner.

Hillridge Technology

Weather-based technology to improve the coverage and quality of insurance for farmers.

LYRO Robotics

LYRO build the brain, the eyes, and the hands for the next generation of robots for ag.

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