Broadacre - Water and Nutrients

Growers can improve their water and nutrients efficiency with a range of tools and strategies, such as:

  • Innovative irrigation system design

  • Crop and soil sensor technology 

  • Satellite imagery 

  • Misting

  • Drip irrigation and fertigation

  • Precision agriculture technology

  • Visualisation software 

  • Decision support tools for water and nutrient management 

Existing and emerging technologies offer growers a wide variety of opportunities to make their water and nutrient systems more efficient and effective. For example:

  • Satellite imagery services and drone mounted sensors 

    are an affordable, rapid analytical tool that can capture a wide range of valuable sensor data including Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and spectral reflectance, weather conditions, soil and nutrient conditions, and the water and nutrient needs of your crop.

  • Remote Sensors can capture in-field variations in water and nutrient requirements, and then communicate those needs to your irrigation and fertiliser systems.

  • Laser levelling allows your to adjust your farm layout and increase efficiency.

  • Data Visualisation Software provides an accurate understanding of water use, crop needs, and trading opportunities.

  • Digital decision support tools can improve irrigation scheduling, increase water uptake, and reduce evaporation losses.

  • Fertigation permits more flexible scheduling of fertiliser application, allowing growers to deliver nutrients to plants on a needs-only basis, reducing cost and nutrient loss from leaching.

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