Connectivity Discounts to Keep your Data Down

With the majority of Australians being in isolation, due to COVID-19, many internet users who rely on communications and data for the management of their property have been faced with the prospect of running businesses (and educating children and themselves) from home and are now receiving their mobile data bills for the last 3-months and planning for the next... 

If you have direct debit set up to pay your phone or farm internet service provider now is a good time to check what you've been charged. You can also ask your provider if they were offering any special deals or discounts during this time e.g. free landline calls, extra data, un-metering, add on school holiday data packs etc. Some customers may also be able to apply for financial hardship assistance that will temporarily waive late payment fees or enable you to set up a payment plan.  

SkyMesh and Sky Muster satellite customers received 10GB of relief data blocks delivered every Monday March 23rd.

Activ8 – nbn Sky Muster users will get early ‘school holiday data’ 5GB per week extra at no cost between 23rd March – 19th April 2020, three months free trial of PlayOn Cloud app including 21 free recordings per-month, a further allocation of 10GB per week for 3 months. 

HarbourISP – nbn Sky Muster customers will receive an additional 10GB of peak data per week for the next three months beginning 23rd March 

Telstra – consumer and small business home broadband customers (ADSL, NBN & Cable) get unlimited data at no extra charge, consumer & small business mobile customers (both post and pre paid) extra data. You need to apply through the Telstra app, whilst connected to the Telstra network – not wi-fi).

Optus – extra data offered for mobile broadband pre-paid and post-paid users. 

Vodafone – extra data to post-paid & pre-paid mobile broadband users, un-metering of certain health sites, payment assistance for those demonstrating financial hardship, unlimited standard national calls for those who have capped call plans. 

Southern Phone – 24/7 unlimited data to all NBN (excluding Satellite) & ADSL Broadband from 23/03/2020 – 30/06/2020. You don’t need to do anything, the unlimited data will be provided automatically to you, at no extra charge. 

Also, if you have an Apple phone you can use your screen time settings to limit non-essential tasks on your smart phone and tablet devices. You can also limit streaming programs such as Netflix during peak-periods. And unless required turn off video in conferences (e.g. most uni lectures often don’t require the student to have video – only audio, switched on).

There are plenty of other relief packages and discounts being offered by service providers. Check the Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia website for details on all the other providers across Australia. It’s a ‘one-stop shop’ of relevant info and links for all things bush telecommunications.

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