COVID-19 shuts down ag events and field days - now what?

They’re an important event on the calendar for any producer. It’s a chance to catch up with mates, check out all the new technology developments, kick some tyres and do some deals.  

But ag field days across the country have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic (see the list below), as huddling in a tent with a few hundred other people is suddenly not so appealing. 

Here’s a few tips for researching those crucial farm purchases when you can’t look someone in the eye and shake their hand. 

  1. Use platforms like AgTech Finder
    No surprise here! Besides a shameless plug for the AgTech Finder site, platforms like this do a lot of hard work for you in bringing together all the available equipment and sorting them into categories that are easier to search. They’re a good starting place to see what’s out there and compare products. 

  2. Find videos on YouTube
    There’s no replacement for touching, feeling and trialling a piece of equipment, but watching a video is the next best thing. Many companies have great instructional videos on how their stuff works. We just need to keep in mind that these are marketing videos. 

  3. Ask people on Twitter
    Twitter is the online equivalent of asking your neighbour over the fence – except your neighbour could be anywhere in the world. Use the search function to search topics, who is talking about it and get involved in the chat. 

  4. Arrange video conference meetings with your agronomist / service provider
    If you’ve got the internet bandwidth get your service provider or agronomist to show you the equipment online and talk you through the features. 


Ag events cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 

This list is as of Thursday 19 March and new cancellation announcements are happening every day. It doesn’t include many of the smaller local shows. Check out the state-based Facebook pages for updates on the regional shows. Let us know if you hear of any more that should be added to the list.

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