Latest AgTech News: Beef 2021, DIY Drones, and Heifers Herding Themselves

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IMAGE: Beef Central

Beef 2021 trade displays: The smell of money, as producers enjoy the ‘goldilocks zone’

Ag-tech sales go ballistic: Ag tech, in all its forms, was another red-hot sales item among Beef 2021’s trade displays. Launching his company’s new satellite-linked animal ID and location tag during the event was Ceres Tag’s David Smith.

Sales (all online-only – not actually transacted at the event) started on Monday, and were described as ‘red-hot.’

“The mood and optimism evident in the industry and here in Rockhampton has certainly delivered an ideal launch time for our new tag,” Mr Smith said. “We’ve been blown away by the early uptake in the first few days – from right across Australia, and across the world.”

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KPMG Origins: Meat labelling uses blockchain traceability technology to lift sales

"New age product labelling which uses blockchain technology to demonstrate the traceability of Australian beef has gone on show at Beef Australia 2021. The project, named KPMG Origins - Trusted Beef Traceability, aims to deliver $115m in additional sales by 2025."

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IMAGE: Highlife Magazine

DIY Drones for Farmers

The University of Southern Queensland, in partnership with Land Solution Australia, is helping farmers learn how to use drones to map and monitor their crops more effectively using aerial images and data analytics. 

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“If you’ve got a dairy cow, it should have a collar on it”: Halter bags $29 million for tech that gets heifers herding themselves

New Zealand agtech startup Halter has raised $29 million in Series B funding for its tech helping dairy farmers get to know their cows a little better, while also teaching the animals to herd themselves.

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IMAGE: Farmbot

New camera takes remote monitoring to next level says Farmbot

"In a first for the Australian agriculture sector, farmers will be able to physically control infrastructure and other assets remotely.

This technology is a leap forward and will revolutionise the way farmers make business decisions, unlocking exponential productivity gains and boosting profitability for customers."

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IMAGE: The Stock Journal

Demo Farm with latest tech launched

The gap between agricultural technology developers and Lower South-East primary producers is about to be reduced considerably, after the launch of the AgTech demonstration farm near Naracoorte last week, will produce relevant, region-specific tech results.

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AgTech applications could ‘revolutionise’ cotton farming industry, say Monash researchers

Researchers at Monash University are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and game-design practices to reduce spray drift from agricultural pesticides, minimising the negative impact on neighbouring crops and wildlife - and potentially “revolutionising" cotton farming.

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IMAGE: Adobestock

Agtech accelerator Sparklabs Cultiv8 reveals the 10 startups it invested in for its new program

This year’s group includes a CSIRO project using seaweed in livestock feed to reduce their methane production, a consumer app to help decision making, a company making honey without bees, and packaging technology to reduce single use plastic in the supply chain.

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