Livestock - Animal and Herd Management

The capacity to monitor and control the movement and location of herds provides a wide range of useful metrics for livestock producers. The data you can collect with solutions such as ear tags, smart fencing, remote monitoring tools, and paddock management software can be used to monitor factors including:

  • Herd visualisation, animal counting, and movement 

  • Activity levels

  • Animal health

  • Fertility 

  • Animal productivity 

There are a wide range of benefits to be found from adopting animal and herd management AgTech solutions such as ear tags, sensors, or virtual fences. Choosing the right solution (or combination thereof) for your business will depend on the size and scale of your operations, your production methods, connectivity, existing infrastructure, and data integration. 

Animal and herd management solutions can enable you to: 

  • Remotely monitor individual animal health, movement, and location

  • Collect data which can be used further along the supply chain to provide quality and providence credentials

  • Count, track and visualise your herds

  • Instantly alert you to theft and break outs

  • Detect pests and disease 

  • Track animal fertility during breeding periods 

  • Gain insight into feeding patterns, consumption and efficiency per animals. 

  • Track animal weight and productivity 

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