Zensie by 30MHz

Developed with direct input from growers and agricultural research institutions, the 30MHz Zensie platform is designed to be intuitive and usable across your agribusiness, providing deep actionable insights without a steep learning curve. The pragmatic, widget-based interface is quick and straightforward, enabling crop monitoring, sensor deployment and management across multiple locations from any device.

Easily customisable widgets make it easy for users to retain complete control over how data is presented, with the option to tailor a dashboard for every team member's priorities, including social features by simply adding comments and sharing the dashboard with invited stakeholders.

The cloud-based (AWS) platform allows you to easily share sensor insights, build widgets/charts (including heat maps), set notifications, perform calculations, export data, import images and manual data. It uses a modern API which makes it easy to connect data across various technologies and see key insights in context.

Pricing model

The recurring monthly software fee for the sensors is structured as a 'pay as you use service' and does not require a contract. Specifically:

  • Gateway (ethernet) - $41.25 per month

  • Repeater - no monthly fee

  • Sensor - $6.60 per month per sensor

*Most deployments only need one gateway and usually 2-3 repeaters. The hardware sensors range from approximately $300 to $1,500 depending on the complexity and what is being measured.

Installation process

The solution is designed to be plug-and-play and farmers are usually up and running with 15 minutes. Please review the installation video.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

The software is maintained by our software engineering team of ten highly-skilled developers in Amsterdam. Almost all of the troubleshooting and system maintenance can be accomplished remotely through the software platform. 30MHz also has regional offices in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia. Furthermore, we work closely with Royal Brinkman Australia's Melbourne office.

Units deployed commercially11-50
Energy source

Solar, Battery powered, Mains powered

Communications compatibility

Our wireless sensors communicate to each other via the Digi Xbee ecosystem

Data ownership policy

Our customers own their data and we do not monetise or share that data externally. Our goal is to create a digital agricultural platform that brings out the full potential of the client's data.

Data privacy and security policy

Our wireless sensors run through a standard protocol. We use Digimesh with an AES 128 encryption. The wireless sensors push the data to the gateway via the Digimesh AES 128. The Zensie dashboards pull the data from the cloud over a secure https. Our cloud, built on AWS, is developed using the standards and recommendations of AWS for security, reliability and performance.

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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