Draminski Animal Profi 2. Ultrasound Scanner

The Draminski Animal Profi 2 is the ultimate ultrasound scanner for the Big Breeders or Commercial Operates. Made in Germany. It allows interchangeable Rectal and Abdominal Probes along with the ability to do Back Fat and Eye Muscle testing. It comes with a Sun Shield,2 Batteries ( 5 hours of scanning per battery), Dust and Water proof. Images maybe downloaded and stored on to your computer. You can choose to purchase with Rectal or Abdominal probes or both. 2 year Guaranty On Farm Training Available

Animal Profi + Probes
Pricing model

Price including one probe $9,800 Price including two probes $11,800 Prices include GST On farm training $550 per day Plus travel One full day of training is the usual amount of time required to have you competent in detecting pregnancy.

Installation process

Stock in hand

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Wipe over with a wet soft cloth.

Units deployed commerciallyover 500
Energy source

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CompanyAdvanced Farm Systems
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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