Draminski Animal Profi 2

A Livestock Pregnancy Ultra Sound Scanner suitable for Livestock Breeders and Commercial Scanning Operators . This scanner features the unique capacity to interchange the probes from Cattle Rectal Wand , to a horse probe or smaller animal abdominal probes making it a ideal for all a Livestock Pregnancy Scanning.

Pricing model

$9,800 including GST with either a Cattle or Small Animal Probe $11,800 incl GST with both Large Animal and Small Animal Ultra Sound Probes

Installation process

The Ultra Sound Scanner is installed by the Breeder or Commercial Scanning Operator.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

No on going maintenance required .

Units deployed commercially428
Energy source

It’s own independent rechargeable battery power. Five hours of continuous scanning . Charged through the supplied 240 volt recharger, Two batteries supplied in the kit.

Communications compatibility

No connectivity

Data ownership policy

Please contact us.

Data privacy and security policy

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CompanyAdvanced Farm Systems
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

Refer to “The Land Ultra Sound Pregnancy Scanning Equipment in high demand.” Also refer to our Facebook site “ Livestock Pregnancy Scanning” for additional videos and photos With the development of ultra sound equipment and the advances made in electronics what was once only the realm of Veterinary Surgeons and Commercial Scanners, is now well within the capacity of Breeders to utilise their own Pregnancy Scanning Equipment. The main profit driver in any livestock business is progeny ( calves, lambs, kids, cria’s, piglets , foals etc) being born. This technology can be used by the breeder to ensure only the most fertile animals are kept lifting reproduction rates and hence profitability of a livestock business. Reproduction is 100% repeatable. Hence the same cow will fall pregnant each season, and the same ewe will normally carry multiples. On the other hand the same cow or ewe will be empty each and every year just costing you feed which is particularly important in dry times. We have case study’s of farms using this technology to lift reproduction whereby 1000 ewes are now producing the same number of lambs that it used to take 3000 ewes. Every season the equipment is paid back ten fold by reducing feed required and maintaining reproduction performance.

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