CHCNAV NX510 Auto Steer for Tractors

Tractor auto steering providing 2.5 CM accuracy across rows when coupled with RTK correctional data. It has terrain compensation for rough going. It is an all in the box solution. We provide free fitting for the initial setup. The system can be installed and removed in a very short time, typically less than an hour. Easy to use it free’s you up for controlling implements. Provides safety reducing fatigue over long continuous runs.

Pricing model

Per Unit

Installation process

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We provide full product support across Australia through our strategic partnership with Geo Apsis.

Units deployed commercially>10
Communications compatibility

UHF or 5G solutions available

Data ownership policy

We do not have a Data Ownership Policy

Data privacy and security policy

Supported RegionsNSW, QLD, SA, WA
Focus areas
Product type

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