NP Solar Node

The NP Solar Node is a stand alone off grid network node used to provide WiFi and LoRaWAN IOT access in remote sites where there is no power. The NP Solar Node can be part of a farm wide WiFi and LoRaWAN network or a stand alone unit using LTE mobile Internet access. The NP Solar Node can be deployed sitting directly on the ground or on a concrete pad and can be easily transported on a trailer or Ute. AgNetIOT networks can operate with multiple Internet Access services using NBN, mobile LTE and LTE-M or satellite so can be installed anywhere and provide WiFi Internet access, WiFi calling and LoRaWAN IOT connections for a wide range of battery powered IOT sensors. All AgNetIOT networks are remote managed and supported with 24/7 system monitoring and IOT data collection and data visualisation systems included.

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Pricing model

Hardware purchase with annual management and support charge of $330 including access to IOT data visualisation backend

Installation process

AgNetIOT hardware is delivered configured and ready to install. The NP Solar Node just needs the antenna mast inserted into the sleeve on the cage base and the Access Points mounted onto the mast which can be done by anyone with basic handyman skills. Installation is intended to be done by the farmer/producer although onsite support is available if required and phone support is available during business hours.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have staff on the ground in NSW and SA and phone/email support is available anywhere during normal business hours. All AgNetIOT systems are remote managed and supported and Open Source IOT Data Visualisation backends are included and supported

Units deployed commerciallyN/A
Energy source

NP Solar Node is powered by included Solar and battery systems

Communications compatibility

Internet Access via NBN, LTE or LTE-M 3G/4G/5G or satellite is required somewhere on the site although this can be anywhere on the property using the NP Solar Node rather than needing to be at the home or farm building. Mobile access may be available on a hill but not at the buildings and using a NP Solar Node can push connectivity from a remote part of the property back to the farm building and across the property over long range WiFi.

Data ownership policy

Data is owned by the customer and is not sold or provided to any third parties except where required by Australian laws.

Data privacy and security policy

CompanyAgNetIOT (division of Network Presence)
Supported RegionsACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC
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