AgKonect mobile spatial data systems

Agricultural enterprises need to access their data in the field, capture data efficiently, and rapidly create usable business information from it. AgKonect uses the Konect platform to provide businesses with custom systems that address their key needs. A complete system consists of digital maps, custom forms, a desktop manager and dashboard, and a scaleable app.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Konect enables custom systems to be built at an affordable cost and with great agility. Integration with other systems, e.g. data inputs, business information, supply chain management, precision agriculture, is all readily accomplished. AgKonect's platform is extremely versatile.

Our clients have often tested other software and find it cannot be adapted sufficiently or that they lack control over their data - we solve these problems.

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Pricing model

AgKonect systems are built on the Konect SaaS platform, with per-user annual charging. System consulting (if needed) is charged hourly.

Installation process

The client downloads the software from the app store and opens it using supplied login details. The client can either build their own system using the simple system and support materials, with optional help, or AgKonect can work with the client to build the system and hand it over.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

AgKonect systems can be built by clients with no programming required. AgKonect staff can help clients depending on their needs, from occasional help, through to full system design, build and operation. Our preference is to empower clients and handover a solution that the client uses confidently as a core business system.

Units deployed commercially10-50
Energy source

Battery powered

Communications compatibility

Wifi, 3G/4G, Offline

Data ownership policy

Each AgKonect system is a new database built on the Konect platform. Clients own their data exclusively and have direct access to it.

Data privacy and security policy

The Konect platform is provided by Global GBM Pty Ltd. It is a secure, cloud environment in AWS. Australian systems are on-shore, and we can establish servers in other locations to meet client requirements.

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

Mr Hugh Butler of Marine Algae Pty Ltd was seeking an information system for his seaweed farms and recognised that AgKonect could provide the custom system he was looking for. Hugh and his staff have worked with us to build Seaweed Konect collaboratively, providing insights, trialling new things, giving us active feedback. At the same time, he has generously told others in the international seaweed industry about AgKonect and created the opportunity for us to provide services to many other businesses.

Focus areas
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