Agronomic Trial Management Tool

Easily collaborate on a global scale to effectively plan, orchestrate and analyse all your agronomic research trials in a standardised and intuitive way.

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Pricing model

The cost is calculated based on the number and complexity of the trials, with an unlimited number of users. (It can start from 20$ per trial/monthly all the way to 100$)

Installation process

Onboarding process for the company: *Agmatix is a SaaS platform 1. Training the trainer, where we do a local admin onboarding. Gap assessment, architecture and customisation; Training & communication package + Local users welcome. 2. We offer remote training sessions, and also can offer On Site Training Sessions

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Our users can reach out to Agmatix any time, and our customer care team will be there to assist in any concern or doubt they may have. We can provide support via conference call or by phone.

Units deployed commerciallyCan't be disclosed
Data ownership policy

Agmatix is a SaaS platform that helps data owners solve their data analysis challenges and synthesis. Agmatix does not own the data – the data is owned by the platform’s users. The data’s confidentiality policy is also established by the data owner. Some of the platform users (mainly organizations or institutions) decide to open their databases, while others have more strict data sharing policies. Both alternatives are supported by Agmatix’s platform. Additionally, data regulations rules apply.

Data privacy and security policy

We will not share data with third parties, except in the events listed below or when directed by the Controller of the data. 1. We will share data with our service providers who help us to operate the Platform and our business: We do not provide access to or sell, raw data, including personal information, to third parties. 2. We will share data with competent authorities, if you abused your right to use the Platform, or violated any applicable law 3. We will share data if we are legally required to do so 4. We will share data with third parties in any event of change in agmatix’s structure. 5. We do not sell personal information.

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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