Agrihive is an industry-first program empowering farming families to take control of their financial future. It tackles the stress in farming of managing finances and generating net wealth through improved cash flow.

The system is designed to do the calculations for the user - no more analysing balance sheets, learning excel, and preparing tax documents. The Agrihive system does the analysis for you, and gives you suggestions on what needs to happen to stop cash flow leaks, generate revenue and secure the growth of your farm business and family net wealth.

In one user-friendly, time efficient program farmers can generate a holistic picture of their business position, business forecasts, goals, and personal situation. Agrihive promotes business understanding in a way that can form the basis of meaningful discussions with Advisors, Consultants, Financiers, and Family. Agrihive translates data (provided by the farmer and relevant external sources) into meaningful outcomes including:

  • insights

  • situation analysis

  • projections

  • scenario modelling

  • improved financial visibility.

Pricing model

Pricing is a monthly and annual subscription model for farmers and producers and is also available to trusted advisors to enable better engagement for their clients.

Installation process

The system is accessed via the website and supported throughout by Agrihive specialists and existing farmer stakeholders.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Agrihive has extensive support tutorials and support features within the system as well as full-time support and assistance via phone and email. Agrihive has a user journey process that users and trusted advisors can follow, including quarterly business reviews and business and personal goal setting and implementation planning. Agrihive attends & speaks at many producer events and is available to partners and farmers in person for presentations.

Units deployed commercially500+
Communications compatibility

LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Wifi, 3G/4G, Satellite

Data ownership policy

Agrihive has been founded and developed by an active farmer and farm advisory committee. The requirements for people using this system to have full security of their farm data is critical to Agrihive; as such Agrihive has no links to government, banks or industry in sharing data. Data will, however, be anonymised and aggregated where possible to improve opportunities for the individual user. It is Agrihive's view that farm data is the farmer's Intellectual Property.

Data privacy and security policy

The Agrihive system follows the cloud-based privacy and security policies of major banks and financial institutions. Storage is in quarantined files so that the data can be retrieved and re-purposed if the user requires alternative usage.

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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