Agtrix Farming - Crop Inventory and Data Recording

Our mapping tools allow industries to map and record crop location and attributes in order to better understand how much and where their crop is, and enable accurate production forecasting.

Our tools can be used to:

  • Plan the harvest to optimise quality and resource use

  • Plan production/ processing to fit capacity (when to start the season, season length, capacity requirements for processing)

  • Plan infrastructure/ resource requirements (transport fleet, receival, staff, storage, distribution)

  • Provide forecasts for market planning (tailor marketing to fit expected production or to take advantage of futures market)

  • Identify impacts of natural disasters or environmental impacts on crop (eg. Expected losses due to storm or flood, losses due to smoke)

  • Data recording: Spatial tools for the suppliers of agricultural produce and their advisors to record nutrient and chemical applications, pest/disease scouting, and other activities in their operations.

  • Provides auditability of product supplied for market requirements such as certification

  • Benchmark industry operations to assist extension and promotion of best practices

  • Provide communication and collaboration between growers and advisors

  • Integrate data from remote sensing, vehicle tracking, and data providers such as weather services and field sensors into the recording process to support better decision making

Pricing model

Agtrix Farming is priced on a per-hectare basis. For larger organisations wanting to provide the system to their members, there is a sliding scale for pricing based on the number of farms mapped.

Installation process

This solution is web and mobile based and does not require any installation. The minimal setup required is done by Agtrix.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Agtrix have Australian-based support personnel that provide 24/7 support to mission critical systems worldwide. Agtrix have staff with deep Agriculture knowledge and are able to understand the issues in context that the end users are having when using the Agtrix systems.

Units deployed commercially500+
Energy source

Battery powered, Mains powered

Communications compatibility

Wifi, 3G/4G

Data ownership policy

The supplier of the data, even when the person recording the data is doing so on behalf of another person, will remain the owner of that data, although other users may automatically gain access to that information as a result of having appropriate authority to access other data in Agtrix systems (for example farms).

Data privacy and security policy

Agtrix data is stored in a secure online environment that undergoes regular security reviews, including independent penetration testing. Please refer to our data privacy policy -

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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