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Agtuary Signal

The Agtuary platform harnesses satellite and climate data to provide next-generation insights into agricultural production. We leverage up to 20 years of data to analyse regional properties across key parameters from production, carbon, climate, soils and slope. We enable farmers to benchmark their properties and provide analytics services for valuation, carbon and regeneration projects, property vendors and buyer due diligence and more.

Agtuary Signal

Case Study

"When looking to expand our farming business with more land, we have very limited information to help us know what’s a good deal and price. Often, you never really, fully know whether a piece of land is worth purchasing, and this can be costly and leave the future of our farming business at risk. We spend a lot of time working out if a piece of land is the right deal for our business - and most of the time that’s done with intuition and guesswork with not much data on that farm to back up that decision. Agtuary would give us the ability to quickly evaluate with data if the land is good value, and on the flip side would help us evaluate our own land when refinancing a loan giving the banks confidence in our decision. Helping us grow our business with more confidence than ever before..”

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