Aerial Phenotyping for Plant Breeding Research

AirBorn Insight provides quality phenomic data to agronomists, soil scientists and plant breeders. Our end-to-end workflows ensure reliable and repeatable outcomes. We design optimum flight protocols for the sensors, fly the drones, process the sensor data, perform quality checks against field observations and provide the data you need in a format you can use.

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Pricing model

Pricing varies depending on trial size, number of plots and data required per plot

Installation process

Not required. Complete service offering.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Not required. Complete service offering.

Units deployed commerciallyOngoing service since 2015
Data ownership policy

AirBorn Insight does not retain ownership over data we collect.

Data privacy and security policy

AES 256-bit encryption, 2 factor authentication.

CompanyAirBorn Insight
Supported RegionsNSW, QLD
Case Study

✓ Accurate trait measurements ✓ Comprehensive and accurate trial statistics ✓ New perspectives with data rich visualizations ✓ Save time on data collection ✓ We work with University research programs Trait measurements include: ✓ Multispectral indices (i.e. NDVI, NDRE, SAVI) ✓ Thermal (LWIR) canopy temperature ✓ Height ✓ Fractional cover ✓ Plant counts ✓ Plant size ✓ Biomass

Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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