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automed is a livestock medication system which allows users to automatically calculate, deliver, and record animal treatments, and effectively manage their operations. Powerful and easy to use, the automed system integrates seamlessly with existing livestock tools and farm management systems. The automed device automatically calculates and delivers both fixed and weight-based treatments simply by synchronizing with the automed mobile application. All data which is captured by the system is accessible via an online web portal, allowing managers to accurately gauge the scale, efficiency, and effectiveness of their treatment programs. The system focusses on sustainable medication usage and generating consumer confidence by automating the entire process of livestock medication.

  • Address

    2640 Jumble Plains Rd
    Tullamore NSW 2874

  • Country of origin
  • Key Contact
    Robert Edwards
  • Phone Number
    +61 (0)488 937 259
  • Year Established
  • Awards/recognition

    55th Australian Export Awards, National Finalist
    International Winner APICTA Industry Application
    iAwards, National Mobility Innovation of the Year Awards
    iAwards, National Industrial & Primary Industries of the Year Award
    iAwards, Victorian Government of the Year Award
    IAP, Innovation Award
    iAwards, Innovation of the Year Award
    iAwards, Industrial & Primary Industries Award

  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
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