automed is paving the way forward for livestock producers of all sizes. With one single system, producers can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments whilst effectively managing and optimizing their operation. The automed system combines a sleek and ergonomic medication delivery device with a simple and easy-to-use App, enabling both fixed and weight-based treatments. automed offers a range of Adapters (3mL, 10mL and 20mL) that are fitted to the delivery device to suit a variety of dosing methods (injection, intranasal, oral/drench and pour-on). The automed system integrates with existing livestock tools including most third-party weight-scales and RFID readers, and many farm management platforms. automed also offers a comprehensive inventory management system for tracking, requesting and managing stock in multi-site operations. Tamper-proof treatment records, animal history, and data analytics ensure that automed is the complete compliance and traceability system for medication in the livestock industry.

Pricing model

Hardware: The automed delivery device is a one-time purchase. automed Adapters are consumable items that are replaced on a semi-regular basis. Software: The automed Essentials platform (free) allows customers to conduct both fixed and weight-based dosing. The automed Enterprise platform (monthly subscription) provides access to treatment records, animal history, inventory management, and data analytics.

Installation process

The automed system can be quickly and easily set-up by the farmer/producer. 1. Download the automed App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store 2. Connect an adapter to the automed delivery device and insert the battery 3. Select the medication settings within the App. 4. Connect to external RFID Reader/Scales (if applicable) 5. Start dosing animals

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have technical staff available in Australia, as well as online virtual support and training. Customers can request virtual support or training at automed’s website ( We have a global support network who are able to guide customers through setting up the automed system as well as direct integration with third-party scales and RFID readers.

Units deployed commercially100+
Energy source

The automed delivery device is battery powered. Each device is accompanied by two battery packs and a charger. Recharging the battery packs requires mains power.

Communications compatibility

First-time set-up/user registration requires an internet connection. Wi-Fi/Cellular connectivity is not required to operate the medication delivery device.

Data ownership policy

Information can be found in our privacy policy:

Data privacy and security policy

Information can be found in our privacy policy:

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

The automed® medication system calculates the optimal dose for each animal based on their individual weight. Prior to this capacity, Scott would drench to the heaviest weight in the mob, or at least near to it, which means that some sheep do not get enough and others too much. The advantage of the automed® system is that it will apply the right dose, anywhere between 0.1 milliliters (mL) or greater, depending on the type of adapter used. It records treatments, manages inventory, integrates with weigh indicators and electronic identification (EID) readers using an app and web portal to capture all the information as applications occur. Individual login means that the application of medication is traceable to the operator.

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