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Ayrstone Productivity

Ayrstone Productivity offers the revolutionary AyrMesh meshing WiFi system. AyrMesh products allow a farmer to cover the entire farm - from the house to the outbuildings and out to the furthest paddocks. It utilizes your existing Internet connection - whatever connection it may be - and makes it available wherever you need it. AyrMesh products are designed to be installed by farmers, not technicians, and provide normal WiFi for all your devices. Finally, the AyrMesh network is completely under the control of the farmer, work no subscription fees.

  • Address

    855 Village Center Dr. #325
    North Oaks MN 55127

  • Country of origin
    United States
  • Key Contact
    Bill Moffitt
  • Phone Number
  • Year Established
    January 2007
  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
  • Data ownership policy

    Ayrstone collects performance data of our products only for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    We do not share any data we collect from your devices with anyone under any circumstances, except under legal order.

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.