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We use technology to protect and grow your brand value. Our platform supports and drives B2B and B2C sales of credentialed products of excellence into Australia's largest beef market - China. We also support domestic supply chains of course.

BeefLedger is an integrated livestock and beef asset provenance, traceability and payments platform. It is a general purpose technology, utilising blockchain technologies, that harnesses a diverse range of product provenance information as a basis of more efficient asset tracking and improved confidence amongst supply chain participants.

Its development path is working to enhance its offerings by which consumers can validate the credentials of the product they are purchasing, and drive efficiencies in the supply chain by reducing information asymmetries between transacting parties. BeefLedger combines the blockchain’s attribute of being a robust validator of historic states (as a record of past events) and the power of crypto-economics to drive incentivised systems shaping behavioural optimisation in supply chains.

  • Address

    Level 1, 143 Wickham Street
    Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006

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  • Key Contact
    Charles Turner-Morris
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  • Year Established
    November 2017
  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
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    Users own the data.

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    We value the privacy and confidentiality of our users. Our privacy policy is compliant with national and international requirements and can be found at our website

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