Biora Plant Growth Walk-In Chamber

MineARC's Biora Plant Growth Walk-In Chambers (WICs) provide the agricultural industry with the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise conditions, maximise production capabilities, product quality and security, whilst conserving water and energy use. Available in a range of models, our range of WICs are engineered specifically for the various growth stages of the plant. Chambers are customised during the design and manufacturing process to suit client requirements, industry recommended standards and best practice. Biora Walk-In Chambers provide a significantly higher output than standard container farms, due to the purpose-engineered gas monitoring, LED lighting and cooling technology that allow for precise environmental control. Featuring a robust durable shell with insulated panelling, Biora WICs are available in modular options for ease of transport.

Pricing model

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Installation process

Biora Walk-In Chambers are engineered and manufactured as a custom solution based on the client's own application and requirements. Chambers are delivered to site, fit and ready for use, with little requirement from the client aside from access to power and other utilities. Chambers are then commissioned on-site by a MineARC representative to ensure they are operating properly.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

MineARC Systems' team of after sales support and service staff are available 24/7 for troubleshooting and advice, as well as to conduct regular servicing and maintenance on Biora chambers. Alternatively, clients can be trained to carry out their own chamber servicing, with OEM-specified spare parts available through MineARC.

Units deployed commercially1600+ MineARC Chambers manufactured in Australia
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Data privacy and security policy

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CompanyBiora by MineARC Systems
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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