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BumperCrop provides operational insights and automation tools to greenhouses, nurseries and controlled environment farms.

Our products include:

  • Staff Management System

  • Automated Rootzone Monitoring Sensors

  • Automated Crop Growth and Health Tracking

  • Address

    3/143 Jervois Road
    Auckland, New Zealand 1011

  • Country of origin
    New Zealand
  • Key Contact
    Adam Forbes
  • Phone Number
    027 3512512
  • Year Established
    October 2018
  • Awards/recognition

    Callaghan Innovation Grant
    AGMARDT Grant

  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
  • Data ownership policy

    Ownership of data

    The purchasers will retain property rights to:

    • The data you enter into the website; and

    • The data collected by your BumperCrop device (together, “Data”).

    You grant BumperCrop a license to use, copy, transmit, store, and back-up your information and data for the purposes of:

    (a) enabling you to access and use the Services, and for any other purpose related to provision of services to you.

    (b) Creating anonymised versions of your data and then aggregating this anonymised data with our own data and third party data.

    (c) Improvement of BumperCrop’s products and services.

    BumperCrop will not share data that is specific to your business to any other third party or regulatory agency unless:

    (a) you have expressly consented to such disclosure; or

    (b) BumperCrop is legally required to provide this information.

  • Data privacy and security policy

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.