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Cattle Watch

Remote cattle monitoring system, including:

  • LoRa based solution

  • Large pasture open area

  • Location

  • Real-time theft alert

  • Belt removable/cutting alert

  • Hostile and Illness alert

  • Geo-Fence

  • Herd counting every X minutes

  • Cattle's behavior monitoring (walking, grazing, laying, in-heat)

  • Cattle's all-live history events file.


  • Increasing cattle yield by 15-20%

  • Reducing cattle growth operational cost by 10-15%

  • Focus areas
  • Pricing model

    Capital cost to purchase the collars & the Gateway. Operating cost is a monthly fee per collar/cattle.

  • Installation process

    For small pastures, up to 30 Km Radius, the system contains one 10 meter tower to mount the gateway, which connects to the cellular NW or to the Satellite NW. For significant grazing areas, the connectivity is direct from the collar to the satellite

  • Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

    Replacement collar battery once per 6-12 months.

  • Units deployed commercially
  • Energy source

    Solar, Battery powered, Mains powered

  • Communications compatibility

    LoRaWAN, 3G/4G, Satellite

  • Data ownership policy

    Client data is owned by the client.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    All Data secure under Amazon cloud.

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