Cedar Creek Company's (CCC) proprietary bodyTRACE is a vital step in providing processing traceability from carcase to carton. We can help you implement a system which complies with Government regulations and provides you and your producers with valuable data on the animals you process.

Full carcase traceability involves using the bodyTRACE system to scan and record each animal eID at the knocking box, correlate each eID with the body NLIS number and the correct PIC on the kill agenda and match each carcase with its hook containing a unique embedded RFID tag. When a carcase is attached to the RFID tagged hook, both hook and body travel through the whole production facility together through the kill floor, chillers, boning room or via carcase load-out.

Individual carcase correlation opens the door to value-add solutions such as:

  • automated chiller marshalling

  • automated animal health recording

  • un-staffed grading and assessment stations (VIAscan)

  • removal of tickets;

  • detailed inventory and product status control

  • web-feedback to buyers and producers to help improve growing

Pricing model


Installation process

Processing facilities use RFID chipped hooks per carcase and travel through the whole production facility together. Scanners in key locations throughout the abattoir keep track of the tag's movement as it passes through various processing stages, allowing the collation of key data for each animal. Built-in checks such as body sensors and chain position sensors, maintain the rigor of the traceability system.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

All CCCOs software and hardware systems represent the highest levels of industry best-practice and are certified for regulatory and legislative requirements. Our complete end-to-end solutions are delivered and supported by our own team of industry specialists. We do not outsource these services. They can be integrated into any system and are backed by around the clock support services.

Units deployed commercially-
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Data ownership policy

Cedar Creek Company retains the complete ownership, legal rights and control over all its proprietary software including related data. No CCC software or data or related information can be used or distributed without prior specific written approval. When Cedar Creek Company as Vendor requires access to a customer's data as Confidential Information, there will be a contract for a CCC software licence, which CCC must abide by.

Data privacy and security policy

CCCOs Privacy Policy explains the policies and practises our company has developed to safeguard personal and company data and comply with data protection responsibilities. Cedar CreekOs Privacy Policy can be found on our website and contains information concerning how to access and alter personal information and, or make complaints.

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