The VIAscan® Carcase System uses Video Image Analysis (VIA) technology to objectively assess carcase quality and yield. It is a non-intrusive, in-motion, complete station, situated prior to grading at the end of the slaughter floor. 

Throughout 2018, the systems were successfully used to make commercial processing and carcase payment decisions on over 14 million sheep and more than 500K beef sides.

The system does not pose any OH&S risks to the operator or carcase and has a small footprint, so it requires minimal space on the slaughter floor.

VIAscan takes a series of precise measurements and processes these through the proprietary host software, to predict saleable and lean meat yield.  The system also measures a series of other specific characteristics in real time which can be used towards objective grading standards.

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Installation process

The VIAscan system fully integrates to existing grading systems and is located at the end of the slaughter floor. Data captured can be uploaded directly to web-based, supply chain management applications or other plant information systems.

A dedicated operator is not required.  Operation can be simply supervised by an on-floor worker.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

These systems withstand the test of time within harsh processing environments.  The stainless-steel casing with IP66 equivalent rating, guarantees durability in the most severe production setting withstanding knocks, temperature extremes. The tough resistive touch screen allows for easy data input using fingers or gloved hands.

Units deployed commerciallyDo not wish to provide at this stage
Energy source

Mains powered

Data ownership policy

Cedar Creek Company retains the complete ownership, legal rights and control over all its proprietary software including related data. No CCC software or data or related information can be used or distributed without prior specific written approval. When Cedar Creek Company as Vendor requires access to a customer's data as Confidential Information, there will be a contract for a CCC software licence, which CCC must abide by.

Data privacy and security policy

CCCOs Privacy Policy explains the policies and practises our company has developed to safeguard personal and company data and comply with data protection responsibilities. Cedar CreekOs Privacy Policy can be found on our website and contains information concerning how to access and alter personal information and, or make complaints.

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