ChillSafe is an environmentally activated sachet which absorbs water vapour and releases a low dose of hydrogen peroxide vapour within a cool room or refrigerated space providing extended shelf life and food waste reduction across the entire supply chain.

ChillSafe is easy to install, safe to use, environmentally activated, requires no power or moving parts and actively works 24/7 for up to 30 days to continuously combat the elements that lead to reduced shelf life and the resulting food waste (microbial growth, mould growth & ethylene).

The triple action of the ChillSafe vapour reducing the bacteria, moulds and ethylene simultaneously, ensures that perishables stored or transported for long distances remain in a cleaner refrigerated environment and in better condition for longer periods of time, allowing the maximum return for producers, exporters, importers and retailers.

ChillSafe provides risk reduction, cost savings and value-add to your cold chain and exports.

Pricing model

As with most solutions, the final cost does depend on the client and their requirements. To get this cost, a full measurement of the space needs to occur to ascertain the M3 size of the area required to be treated and then the amount of ChillSafe's required to do the job and the cost associated are presented to the client.

Installation process

The sachet is very simple to install and takes only 5-10 seconds per sachet. There are no special qualifications, certifications or other required to install ChillSafe. We also now have a holding system that allows up to 5 sachets per system, providing even simpler and faster installation for multiple sachet sites like packing sheds or larger refrigerated storage spaces.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

ChillSafe can be supplied and supported directly to the customer from the team at EE Muir & Sons.

Units deployed commercially500+
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