Arable Mark 2

An all-in-one weather station and crop monitor, the Arable Mark 2 synthesizes climate and crop data for actionable insights in all growing conditions. A full sensor suite delivers 40+ climate and plant metrics including Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Solar Radiation, Precipitation, Daily Evapotranspiration (ETc), Chlorophyll Index, NDVI and more. Capture scientific-quality measurements across locations with the only platform to combine meteorological and plant data in one place. Easily access your real-time field data via mobile, web, and API with Arable's intuitive, user-friendly software platform. Observed weather data captured from the Arable Mark 2 is combined with historical data to deliver Point Forecasting - a unique machine-learning algorithm for accuracy you won't get anywhere else. Hourly and daily predictions up to 30 hours or 10 days ahead with 25% reduction in errors. Arable's global network of 30 calibration-validation sites cover 12 climatic zones to improve Point Forecasting for accurate, reliable data that's tailored to your conditions. No other device can offer an integrated analytics platform with weather monitoring and plant health data all under one roof. Straightforward, plant-based measurements that are relevant to your operation and your microclimate. Make informed decisions with unprecedented ground-truth accuracy, delivered in real time to the palm of your hand.

Pricing model

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Installation process

Use a metal pole with an outside diameter of 30 to 35mm and plan your required height. For increased sensor accuracy, the Mark 2 should be positioned 50-100cm above the maximum crop canopy height. Install the pole 30-40cm deep into the soil and ensure that the pole is vertical. Position the Mark 2 on top of the pole and gently tighten the mounting screw so the device remains steady on the pole. To ensure the data obtained is of the highest quality, ensure the sensors on the bottom of the device are pointing north, while also positioned directly over the crop you want to monitor. This means the Mark 2 should be always be positioned south or east of the crop you are monitoring. Initiate deployment by firmly pressing the top button on the Mark 2 for 3 seconds. Lights on the device will blink blue while it's connecting. This may take a few minutes, so stay with the device. When the deployment sequence is complete, all four lights around the Arable logo with illuminate green. The Arable Mark 2 should be placed in a location that best represents the crop conditions you would like to measure. Be attentive to local surroundings such as tall trees that may cast shadows. These can affect the data collected by the crop canopy sensors and reduce charging potential. Use included bird deterrent spikes if required.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

To maintain healthy charging potential, use a clean cloth to wipe the solar panel of the Mark 2 of any dust or debris.

Units deployed commercially10
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Communications compatibility

4G, IoT enabled

Data ownership policy

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Data privacy and security policy

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Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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