Farmers Insight Platform

The Farmers Insight Platform enables you to understand any farm or farming portfolio in an entirely new way, with reliable rural analytics from DAS.

  • Assess performance: Farm-specific insights on productivity, risk and sustainability

  • Compare performance: Against other farms, regions or industry benchmarks

  • Predict value: Automatic, evidence-based guidance

  • Delivering easy-to-use, online rural intelligence at your fingertips - simplify how you see, explore and understand agricultural land

  • Monitor farmland, investments, crops and yields

  • Understand the relative productivity and volatility of any region

  • Identify conditions and forecast yield

  • Assess the impact of climate change and extreme weather

  • Understand rainfall and drought status

  • Access unbiased, objective guidance on value

  • Quantify flood, fire or frost risk

Pricing model

Available free to Australian farmers. Our commercial clients are the ecosystem that supports the farmer ensuring that farmers, business, policymakers and anyone invested along the agricultural ecosystem have the right rural data to make more informed decisions.

Installation process

DAS products are delivered via Software as a Services (SaaS) and available to any farmer with an internet connection.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

DAS onboarding process promises an easy and straightforward for people to access the system. We release new capability and data every four weeks, and this process happens in the background and should not impact the users.

Units deployed commercially500+
Energy source


Data ownership policy

We protect personal data, private company, customer and employee information. Our primary interest is in determining macro-level data trends and speeding innovation across the agricultural ecosystem as a whole. We are committed to transparency and integrity in how we use agricultural data. For more about where DAS sources its data from and our DAS Privacy policy please visit:

Data privacy and security policy

DAS fully understands how the risks related to Information Security and Privacy affect our business operations, and we take all precautions to safeguard sensitive information to ensure a secure online environment. To ensure this, we:

1. Consistently apply and manage secure configurations of our systems, applications and network devices.

2. Perform vulnerability scans and remediate critical and high vulnerabilities when discovered.

3. Have malware defence mechanisms in place that are deployed on all our computing devices.

4. Have processes and tools to back up customer information or services.

CompanyDigital Agriculture Services
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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