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GoStorage is an accurate and reliable solution to monitor water storages. It includes the measurement of height and volume of the water storage. The GoStorage solution takes rainfall, water movement and evaporation in to account.


  • Focus areas
  • Pricing model

    GoStorage is priced as a 3-year up-front subscription model which includes all connectivity, support, platform access, postage and a 3-year warranty.

  • Installation process

    The solution is installed by Goanna Ag staff members.

  • Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

    We have technical staff on the ground in most Australian states and territories who provide "boots on the ground" support. We also provide support by phone during normal working hours.

  • Units deployed commercially
  • Energy source

    Battery powered

  • Communications compatibility

    LoRaWAN, Wifi, 3G/4G, Satellite

  • Data ownership policy

    Our customers own their data. Unless requested by the client, we hold a copy of their sensor data in order to provide additional services, including site specific weather forecasts.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    We maintain a secure cloud environment where data is curated, quality controlled and stored. This allows for data retrieval and extension of additional purposes (as outlined above). You can view our data privacy and security policies here:

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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