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Elynx is an Australian Livestock Management Software Company. Our solutions are used in both intensive and extensive contexts to manage livestock movements, treatments, feeding and to meet NLIS requirements as well as the management of commodities.

Reporting is powerful and provides insight into animal and financial performance and operational efficiencies. The flagship products FY3000 and StockaID support operations in most of Australia's largest feedlots and many smaller ones. StockMate is a used on stations and grazing, breeding and backgrounding properties nationwide.

Our support team is professional and accessible and services clients via remote means but also through on-site visits and extensive training programs. Help resources and video tutorials are available online.

Elynx is constantly responding to industry demands. Our programming teams are constantly upgrading and adapting solutions to cater for changing technologies and morphing environments. Our software is powerful, robust and affordable.

  • Address

    145 Russell Street
    Toowoomba Queensland 4350

  • Country of origin
  • Key Contact
    Scott Ferguson
  • Phone Number
    +61 7 4659 6000
  • Year Established
  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
  • Data ownership policy

    Your data is your data. You choose who sees it and who can modify it. You set permissions and control access.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    Not provided

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