StockaID is a critical livestock management tool for feedlots. It captures individual animal data, from purchase through to exit, generates numerous performance metrics and delivers exceptional reporting power.


  • Interfaces with production hardware RFID readers, weigh scale indicators, auto-gates, temperature sensors, barcode readers, treatment applicators, etc  

  • Records animal ID data, session measures, movements, treatments, withholds, etc, and applies costs to every animal

  • Manages feeder, vendor, buyer, purchaser, financial and abattoir detail

  • Is used crush-side, in the yards and in the office

  • Imports data from the NLIS database, saleyards and processors  

  • Records support NFAS and LPA accreditation

  • Generates powerful, customisable reports

  • Can also be used in backgrounding contexts.

StockaID Hospital provides comprehensive treatment options and reporting tools for sick livestock pulled from pens.

E Apply full courses of treatments to sick animals with full item, dosage and batch detail. 

E Record pull details, treatment sequence and hospital measurements. 

E Note personnel providing treatments.

E Apply hospital costs and record movement and discharge detail.

Pricing model

StockaID is distributed via a subscription model. There are typically charges associated with the installation of the software on user servers Users then pay a subscription based on the number of head under management per month. Rates decrease as numbers increase.

Installation process

This solution is typically installed with the assistance of the vendor on PC's/laptops and or Windows Servers.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have highly skilled technical staff around the country to support installation and provide ongoing technical assistance. Most support can be carried out remotely. Our technicians 'remote' in using TeamViewer and talk users through processes during working hours. Penalty rates apply for out of hours work and public holidays.

Units deployed commercially-
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Communications compatibility


Data ownership policy

Your data is your data. You choose who sees it and who can modify it. You set permissions and control access.

Data privacy and security policy

Not provided

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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