StockMate is an exceptionally powerful mobile livestock management App. It addresses the needs of the largest pastoral companies in Australia, and yet is an affordable and viable option for smallholders. Work in the paddock on an Android tablet; interface with your management hardware; capture data, check histories; draft animals and record all movements; apply treatments and then upload it all to the cloud when in range.

Simple. Effective. Exceptional.

  • TRACEABILITY & INTEGRITY SYSTEMS. Records paddock, mob and individual animal movements. Integrates with NLIS database.

  • Full treatment history, apply treatments, record notes & follow-ups and add to animal history

  • Integrates with RFID readers and weigh scales

  • PERFORMANCE MONITORING & FINANCIALS - bull weight and performance history - calculate average daily gain

  • Record and report on costs, earnings and profit for individual animals and groups

  • Property data at a glance 

  • Integrated paddock mapping shows stock numbers & distributions

  • BREEDING Record pregnancy and lactation status - Parentage, calving and performance traits, etc

  • REPORTING & MANAGEMENT - includes powerful reporting and export features: Customisable reports - Stock-on-hand, movements, treatments, performance, breeding, financials, etc Data filtering and sorting tools.

  • Weight and exit date forecasts 

  • Full multi-level user management

  • Works in multi-property contexts with multiple tablets

  • NVDs (coming soon), auto-gates etc

Pricing model

StockMate is distributed via a subscription model. An initial, one off activation fee is charged and then users pay so many cents per head per month. Rates decrease as numbers increase and are based on the number of animals under management each month. There are no limits on the number of users, devices or properties under management.

Installation process

Download the App from the Google Playstore (Android). Register online at Use the App in the paddock and crush-side in the yards and sync to the Cloud when in range.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

The product is intuitive and most users require little assistance beyond the online StockMate User Guide and video tutorials on the StockMate Channel on YouTube. We have a highly skilled team of support staff located around the country should on-site assistance be required.

Units deployed commercially-
Communications compatibility

Wifi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Satellite

Data ownership policy

Your data is your data. You choose who sees it and who can modify it. You set permissions and control access.

Data privacy and security policy

Not provided

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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