Cattle farmers represent Farm-Map Analytics' core market segment. Based on intensive consultation with pastoralists, land managers and scientists, the Company's FarmMap4D product integrates the latest technologies to help improve the profitability and sustainable management of cattle farms.

Using geospatial mapping technologies, time-series remote sensing, cloud computing and user-inputted data, FarmMap4D delivers the following highly valued features:

  • Access to high resolution satellite imagery

  • A user-friendly layered interface to map farm infrastructure, assets, natural features and land types designed for asset management, planning and shareability with various stakeholders

  • Time-series ground cover tools to analyse changes in vegetation for any season over the last 30 years in and between paddocks. This has helped inform stocking strategies, benchmarking against neighbouring farms and improvements in land stewardship.

  • Carrying capacity analysis tool to monitor and estimate ROI, production efficiency and land condition for each paddock and land type

  • Time-series analysis tools to understand spatial and temporal variability.

Pricing model


  • $300/year or $730 for 3 years 


  • $750/year or $1750 for 3 years 

Discounts apply for multiple properties.

Please check our website for details.

Download our full product and price list here.

Installation process

FarmMap4D is a web based application available from a PC with internet access.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

FarmMap4D is supported through regular upgrades based on user feedback. Technical staff are available to respond to phone and email queries, and provide on-line training as required.

Units deployed commercially500+
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Data ownership policy

Data privacy and security policy

CompanyFarm-Map Analytics
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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