Line Pressure Sensor

The Farmbot line pressure sensors provide insights into the pressure levels and changes in any line. Detailed data allows a better understanding of pumps, controllers, values and the overall reticulation system. It facilitates the early detection of faults, problems or impending failures. The line pressure sensor can monitor any line (water, gas and other liquids) up to 2500 kPa / 25 BAR in standard form.

Key benefits:

  • Connect up four line-pressure sensors to the one Farmbot Monitor

  • Determines pump issues, fluctuations, problems and impending failures

  • Monitor water, gas and other liquids

  • Monitors up to 0-2500 kPa/25 BAR

Other Information:

  • Users have the capability to receive alerts based on custom triggers, are able to analyse monthly pressure comparison data and can export to spreadsheets.

  • The line pressure sensor provides kilopascal unit data of line pressure.

  • The sensor includes: 1⁄4 inch BSP male fitting, snubber valve and a cable length of 10 metres. Custom cabling available on request.

Farmbot Water Line Pressure Sensor
Pricing model

Contact Farmbot Monitoring Solutions.

Installation process

The line pressure sensor can be self installed and immediately operational with no technicians required.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Farmbot solutions require minimal maintenance. Checking the connection of cables and cable health will assist in the longevity of the product.

Units deployed commerciallyFarmbot Monitoring Solutions have hundreds of customers around Australia, with the customer base continually growing.
Communications compatibility

Farmbot’s array of sensors work anywhere in Australia and the world. Farmbot offers both Cellular and Satellite connectivity options which accommodate for the most remote users in Australia.

Data ownership policy

Farmbot customers own their data. Farmbot has the right to use it to provide better resources and actionable insights for them in a format that makes sense and provides actionable information of benefit to them in the day to day operation of their properties.

Data privacy and security policy

We maintain a highly secure cloud environment hosted by AWS and use best practice backup, security and data privacy policies. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here:

CompanyFarmbot Australia
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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