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Livestock Tracking and Identification

Track your mobs and individual animals digitally and retrieve your information any time you need it. Use the Farmdeck app to create mobs of cattle or sheep and gain a complete view of your livestock, and record information including: • Livestock heads, gender, breed and age • Vaccine and drenching records • Grazing management, including the number of days spent in the current paddock, DSE load, and time to next move • Financials, including purchases and sales details • Lifecycle information, including date of birth, origin, and weights • Breeding information, such as pregnancy scans and any progeny of your livestock Farmdeck offers IoT identification and tracking options so you automatically know where your mobs are in real-time. Track all the data collected by the RFID tags or IoT collars on the Farmdeck app, and manage your livestock from there. Read more about Livestock Tracking and Identification at

Case Study

Livestock monitoring at Llanelli Farm

Llanelli is a 526-hectare family farm located in Bathurst, NSW. With its 1,500 head of sheep, Llanelli primarily targets the lamb market.

Through an all-in-one Farmdeck solution combining network connectivity, sensors, and our app, we enabled Llanelli to track and identify livestock, manage water tanks and dams levels, and surveillance the perimeter of the property. Smart surveillance cameras have been installed on the field to provide analytics on the sheep movements and give visibility to the owners on everything happening on their land. For individual livestock tracking, a tag reader was installed on paddock gates.

We developed the first high-frequency sheep ear tags in Australia to create a tracking distance of up to 8m with an accurate sheep count.

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