Fleet Space Technologies LoRaWAN Portal

The Fleet Space Technologies LoRaWAN Portal is a fully integrated, solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway/satellite modem enabling you to access LoRaWAN coverage anywhere in the world to connect up to 1000 devices within a range of 15km of the modem (line of sight at 5m height). With a range of devices and use cases being connected through this service, the possibilities are endless:

  • Soil Monitoring

  • Water Management

  • Livestock Monitoring (animals, grain, fences, pests, etc...)

  • Energy Management - Asset tracking

  • Health and Safety on farm and so many more...

Fleet's agnostic Portal solution makes it easy and cheap to enable these use cases on farm.

Pricing model

The Portal is priced per unit. Connectivity per end device is an annual fee, with a cap on the monthly data per device. Farmers/Growers will need compatible devices, a power option, some form of physical infrastructure to place the gateway, and a visualisation platform to see the data. See additional information here.

Installation process

Fleet's solution can be installed by the farmer/producer, however for the end to end use cases to be realised it is generally recommended for a third party provider to assist. Fleet has a range of partnerships in this sector to facilitate these deployments.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

There is little maintenance required once the use cases are set up (dusting of solar panels as required). Support depends on the deployment arrangement. Where a third party deploys, support will be dealt with that party directly, with Fleet providing an additional layer of support for any technical issues. Fleet has partners in every state to support farmers and provide training.

Units deployed commercially100+
Energy source

Solar, Mains powered

Data ownership policy

Customer owns all rights to the data generated by customer devices.

Data privacy and security policy

The data path from device to cloud is fully encrypted - our pass through cloud instance is secured and data is exposed to password protected users only.

CompanyFleet Space Technologies
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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