Flicq RTMS

Flicq Real-Time Monitoring System (RTMS) makes it easy for companies to monitor their remote assets in real time. The solution consists of battery powered wireless sensors and a software platform.

Pricing model

Monthly or yearly subscription fee per asset/equipment. No upfront hardware or software costs.

Installation process

The sensors are really easy to install and can be done by the farmer or producer. Attach the device to a farming equipment or asset, push a button and start monitoring the device on your mobile or PC in 8 seconds.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Technical support is available by phone in WA and by email 24/7.

Units deployed commercially51-100
Energy source

Battery powered

Communications compatibility

NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Wifi, 3G/4G

Data ownership policy

Customer owns the data.

Data privacy and security policy

Hardware encryption on sensors and a fully secure software stack in the cloud.

CompanyFlicq Asia Pacific
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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