NX510 Precision Guidance tractor Auto-steering

The CHCNAV NX510 enables high-precision GNSS satellite positioning and orientation integrated with the auto-steering of the electric steering wheel fitted to your tractor. This autonomous navigation controls the vehicle position and heading, ensuring the vehicle travels along the planned path and route to a precision control error of <2.5cm!

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Pricing model

Hardware is priced per unit. Attractive discounts are offered.

Installation process

We help you install this retro-fit product. Full detailed videos, and manuals plus human support anywhere in Australia. Simply remove the old steering wheel and replace with our motorized steering wheel. Mount the neat GNSS with IMU unit on top of the tractor and connect the all-weather cables. Includes wheel angle sensor and rear-view camera integrated, all controlled through the large Android touch-screen. Precision control by connecting to RTK either via UHF or 4G SIM.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have experts in WA, QLD and Griffith NSW. Our technical staff are on the ground in every Australian state and territory and provide 'boots on the ground' support to growers or hardware set up and maintenance, software training and data interpretation. We also provide support by phone during normal working hours

Units deployed commercially10
Energy source

Tractor battery

Communications compatibility

RTK connectivity via either UHF or 4G sim

Data ownership policy

Our moto is "Democratising precision agriculture products and services". Knowledge, quality, affordable options democratises the farmer to own their own data, systems and knowledge.

Data privacy and security policy

Data is always fully owned by the farmer and only shared with Geo Apsis if and only if the farmer agrees.

CompanyGeo Apsis
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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