LoRaWAN Network

GeoWAN is a licensed telecommunications company in Australia that delivers LoRaWAN connectivity and has four business models. Now companies have one partner for LoRaWAN connectivity allowing access to opportunities easier irrespective of their previous limitations. Our network models are fully locally supported with Australian based support.These have been specially tailored to suit both the Australian and global markets where connectivity is a challenge or to further the internet of things projects of an organisation.

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Pricing model

GeoWAN has flexible pricing models ranging from public network access, managed and edge networks. All with Australian based support. One off lifetime or subscription based.

Installation process

The GeoWAN wireless network provides limitless opportunities for modern solutions. Having a robust and easy to use network partner allows you to focus on solution outcomes and should something go wrong GeoWAN is here to support locally in Australia. - Pre-configured - Pre-provisioned - Compliant. Save time, deployment costs and labour with plug and play network solutions. No monthly gateway fees allow you to scale effectively and realistically, With the support an enterprise solutions needs. Gateways require minimal installation processes. 240V power is required or independent solar systems are available.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

GeoWAN has partnered with Australian and international support teams to offer ground based support and network monitoring in 3 international time zones.

Units deployed commercially100+
Energy source

Main, Solar, Battery

Communications compatibility

Cellular, WiFi, Ethernet, Gateway to Gateway, Satellite.

Data ownership policy

100% customer owned data

Data privacy and security policy

AES128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard 100% customer decryption of data, All data is processed locally in Australia and No data is stored or processed offshore.

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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