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Growerstock Private Network

Growerstock is a time-driven trading platform that matches buyer requests with verified growers of fresh produce in seconds. Grower/Shippers never share pricing unless they want to answer a Buyer’s inquiry. Through Growerstock's Private Network, buyers can purchase from known suppliers to improve efficiency of collaboration and communication. Buyers can track complete deal from request for proposal to delivery and any disputes should they arise.

Case Study

According to USDA/NASS reporting, the U.S. Farming Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of fruits and vegetables accounts for over $100 billion annually. This massive industry relies largely on antiquated systems and time-consuming processes to buy and sell fresh produce. Nominated for an innovation award by United Fresh and developed by a team of industry experts and mobile technology innovators, Growerstock automates an existing supply chain and makes it easy to quickly discover and interact with new suppliers. By digitizing fresh produce pipelines, Growerstock is the way for organizations to transform massive amounts of transactional data into intelligent, actionable insights; the opportunity to leverage the full power of cutting-edge technologies to make clearly informed decisions, resulting in bigger bottom lines.

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