CattleLink is user-friendly software designed for the management of Beef Cattle Herds. It stores and records details of animals at an individual level, assisting with herd-management, breeding and assessment of cattle performance. The Farmer Friendly Program which has all the features required for Full Herd Management recording. CattleLink is designed and built by beef producers. It will assist you with your Breeding Programs, recording joinings, including AI or ET. It will assist you with your LPA & EU requirements.

As well as recording animal treatments, etc, including batch details, expiry dates, etc Animal Performance with the ability to also compare animals, progeny, dams & sires with their weights, daily weight gains and traits. CattleLink is compatible with BreedPlan and the Breed Societies for calf registration, EBVOs, etc. CattleLink will allow you to import your Scale or NLIS Tag Reader data to reduce typing. Tag Readers can also be used online. New animals can also be created from either Scales or Tag reader data.

Basic Paddock information can be stored in the Paddock section of CattleLink. A scanned document sections allow you to store and setup a basic library of your scanned documents such as Vendor Declaration forms, Feed Declaration Forms, Breed Society registration documents, etc. CattleLink can be setup on 2 PCOs/Laptops and database sharing between the two.

Pricing model

The software is purchased outright, not monthly or yearly subscriptions. There is optional membership available for ongoing upgrades.

Installation process

This software is installed by the farmer/producer.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have technical support available general AEST office hours and also additional after-hours support.

Units deployed commercially500+
Energy source


Communications compatibility


Data ownership policy

Customer owns all program, software & data and has complete autonomy to provide data to third parties, such as BreedPlan or Breed Societies. All data is stored on customers own system.

Data privacy and security policy

not provided

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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