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Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence SaaS platform using the latest deep learning and computer vision techniques along with proprietary algorithms to provide actionable intelligence to farmers and agri-businesses at key decision-making times in the growing season. The company analyses remote sensing data to help farmers identify early problems in their crops such as crop health, disease risk & detection, weed mapping and yield prediction as well as valuable information such as canopy coverage, plant counting, size and biomass estimation, with the objective of optimising inputs and maximising efficiency. Hummingbird began operating in 2016 and since then has covered in excess of >500,000 hectares of arable crops for farmers and agri-businesses. Their platform is utilised at key decision-making points in the growing season to allow intelligent and specific information to inform chemical or operational input decisions that decrease costs and improve outputs.

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    L16, 333-339 George Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

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    Scott Watson
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    September 2018
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