Frost Detection System

Be alerted of frost events and their severity (duration and temperature) at point locations. Detailed knowledge of frost events can help optimise future crop prescriptions and activities moving forward. The LX Frost Detection System can be used provide alerts when frost events occur and provide insight into the severity and duration of the frost. Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C @ 25°C Data visualisation provided by LX Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included. System contents 5x Polaris Track + Sense

Pricing model

Incyt by LX Frost Detection Kit (5 x Polaris Track + Sense - hardware cost) is available for $990 AUD plus GST The product is priced per unit and the solution comes with 5 x Polaris Track + Sense devices. The first month of subscription for connectivity and reporting is free, then the monthly subscription costs are based on your selected profile. We are happy to advise on the best profile for your use case and have recommended profiles for kits like this one based on the average requirement for reporting frequency. You are able to cancel or upgrade/downgrade your profile subscription when you like. Economy of scale pricing is available dependent on the number of units purchased, please speak to us by emailing if you have high product number requirements.

Installation process

The Polaris units can be mounted to a fence or post using the bracket accessory or can be tied. Commissioning through the QR code will activate the device on the Incyt App to enable reporting. No other installation required.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

The software for the device allows for OTA (over the air) updates and the professional grade battery in the Polaris can last up to 5 years*. The Polaris device has a IP68/IK10 enclosure rating, meaning it has been built to withstand the elements. Battery refurbishment is available through LX if required. Any maintenance requirements are supported through the Incyt App and our online support team. We also provide support by phone during normal working hours. *operating under recommended conditions

Units deployed commercially1000 plus
Energy source

The Polaris has an internal, replaceable Industrial Lithium Thionyl Chloride primary battery pack. Under standard operating conditions, this will last for up to 5 years.

Communications compatibility

Connectivity options via LTE-M/NB-IoT, BLE 5, WiFi and GPS. Typical behaviour for the device is continuously beaconing, performing daily Wi-Fi scan, GPS lock, LTE-M upload + config check

Data ownership policy

Incyt by LX customer own their own data. Incyt by LX has the right to use data to inform system updates and to provide learnings and resources that practically benefit a user. The Incyt by LX customer has the right to share their data with a third party should they choose. 

Please refer to our Privacy Policy:

Data privacy and security policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy:

CompanyIncyt by LX
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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